The Farm

The estates and the farm share a symbiotic relationship that allows the community to function as a true agricultural development. Escalating land prices on Maui have begun to make the island's small-scale farming ventures unfeasible. Pe´ahi farms uses the non-arable land along the coastline and gulches as homesites, thus freeing the large, flat, protected central acreage for use by local farmers. The sale of the estate sites allows the bulk of the land to remain open for the property's intended agricultural use to be realized. The farm, in turn, repays this service by becoming the centerpiece of the project, serving to give the estates a sense of expansiveness and privacy unparalleled in other Maui communities. Rolling hills grow organic grasses on which beef cattle graze, a network of basins collect and channel rainwater for gulch irrigation.

In addition to creating a new model for community design, Pe´ahi Farms intends to set a new standard for green and sustainable development on the island. The farm pumps its own water from onsite wells, both for its own use and that of the estates. The farm and homes may also employ wind turbines and solar collectors to create energy. Down to the last detail, Pe´ahi Farms strives to become a watershed project for Maui, leading the way to a new sustainable future.

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